This is a brief guide to the stages an item of work goes through before being returned to the Customer.

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                      This is the Daimler Bumper as it arrived from the Customer.

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The next stage is to thoroughly clean the Bumper of dirt, grease, paint etc using special cleaners( This still requires a lot of hand work ).


Next the Bumper is Stripped in a special Bath that removes all the old Plating exposing the Base Metal ready for Polishing.

The next stage is to Polish the Bumper using finer and finer grades of abrasive as explained in "Polishing"

The work is cleaned again and then the Plating process starts first Copper then Nickel and finally Chrome are applied to the work to give the finish that all our Customers expect.

Nickel Tank        Chrome Tank

And finally here is the finished Bumper, Inspected and ready for the Customer.

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